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Participation of Deaf Mainstreamed Students

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Handbook Cross References: ESDAA Constitution - Article V, Section 1b


Deaf students from local school districts are permitted to participate on Association member teams and compete in ESDAA sanctioned tournaments.


1. Member schools requesting to add deaf students from local school districts must present a written request to the association President.

2. The request should include: reason for request; names of the students; birth­dates; sport (s) participating in.

3. Athletic Directors will discuss and vote on each request at a regularly scheduled meeting. A unanimous vote is required from all schools who would be participating in that tournament.

4. Participation is sanctioned for one (1) year from the date of approval.


1. The purpose of this policy is to provide Association members schools that have a limited number of students with a sufficient number of students to be able to field a team.

2. Local school district student - any student who in not included on the official roles of an Association member school.


3. Team member - the classification of "team member" requires that the individual attend the number of state required team practices, participates in all team contests except those that are missed due to approved absences, and be included on the host school approved team roster  


Case by case basis


1. Director of Athletics

a. will notify coaches of students approved to participate.

b. is responsible to assure that students from local districts receive the same rights and privileges as those attending Association member schools.

c: should monitor to assure students form local districts are members of a team for the duration of the season, not just added specifically for tournament participation.

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