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Tournament Team Member Eligibility

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Handbook Cross References: ESDAA Constitution - Article V, Section 1

For a team member to be eligible for participation in an ESDAA sanctioned tourna­ment, a student must be at least 12 years old by the tournament date and must not have attained the age of 19 prior to July of that school year.


1. The host school shall send an eligibility roster form (601 a) to each participating school as part of the tournament packet.                                                                                  .

2. Each Athletic Director shall list all students who are eligible to participate in the ESDAA Tournament.

3. The form should be signed by the Athletic Director and either the chief school off i­cer or the Principal and returned to the tournament host at least one month prior to the start of the tournament.

4. Any discrepancies found in the lists should be reported to the President of the Association.

5. The Executive Committee will make the final decision as to the eligibility of the stu­dent.




i . Division I Cheerleading: there is no maximum age but a minimum age of 13 by September 1st of the the current school year is required for Competition.

2. Division II Cheerleading there is no maximum age.

3. Non-ESDAA Tournaments or regular season games may include students who are not eligible, when agreed upon by the schools involved.


1. Coaches: inform team members of ESDAA tournament participation status.

2. Director of Athletics: maintain up-to-date files on parent permissions and student age verification; monitor student age eligibility - - report to the President of the Association.

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