Eastern Schools for the Deaf Athletic Association

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Association Accounts: Handling of Funds

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Policy 502


All funds to be collected in the name of the Association (see Definitions) are to be deposited with the Treasurer within thirty days of billing. Funds will only be deposited into accounts established by the Treasurer and approved by the Administrative Council. Funds may be requested and withdrawn only upon authorization by the indi­vidual (s) designated as being responsible for the account (502). Authorizations of more than $200 must be approved by the ESDAA President and Treasurer. Documentation supporting withdrawal must accompany the request. Fiscal authoriza­tion may only be made by the President, Vice President or Treasurer through the check signature process.


1. Association members deposit funds with the Treasurer as needed.

2. Funds are to be identified and accurately counted by both the Treasurer and a sec­ondary source approved by the Administrative Council (i.e., an Administrative Council member or business office of the school holding the ESDAA account).

3. The Treasurer will verify amount deposited by issuing a numbered receipt to the person/school who submits the money.

4. Association members submitting funds are to verify their receipt for correct amount and accuracy. The Treasurer is only responsible for the amount indicated on the receipt.


6. Time Frames

a. Bills for Association dues and fees will be sent by the Treasurer by August

1 st. Schools should submit dues and fees within 60 days of invoice. A late statement will be mailed to the Athletic Director of any school delinquent in paying their bill by December 1 st and, again, by March 1 st.  '

b. Schools hosting tournaments will be mailed appropriate checks at least 30 days in advance of their tournament.

c. For reimbursement of approved expense requests, clearly marked and labeled receipts are to be submitted within 60 days; Treasurer will reimburse within 30 days; no reimbursement without receipts.

Definitions: Association funds - 1. Any activity/monies identified as being affiliated with the Eastern Schools for the Deaf Athletic Association.

2. All donations

3. Association dues



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