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Association Dinner Meal

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Handbook Cross References: Policy 301


Association funds will be used to pay dinner expenses for member Directors of Athletics and Association Officers present at the fall meeting and for member Directors of Athletics, Officers, and Chairpersons of sports' committees present at the spring meeting.


1. Membership dues will be collected and deposited in the Association financial account.

2. The Secretary/Treasurer will account for members present at ESDAA fall and spring meetings. He will pay the restaurant the appropriate sum based on the policy guide­line.

3. Schools bringing additional staff members to the Association dinner who are not covered by this policy will be expected to pay the appropriate cost to the ESDAA.

4. The bill for each approved member per meal will not include alcoholic beverages - - - cash bar.



Special guests and presenters brought in by the Association through a pre-approved vote of the Administrative Council.



1. Secretary/Treasurer

a. Submits an annual membership dues bill to each participating school by August 1 st.

b. Notifies the Director of Athletics at each member school present at the fall/spring meeting regarding the number of staff members that will be covered for meal expense.

c. Pays the approved meal bill from Association funds.

2. Directors of Athletics

a. Inform sports' chairpersons and coaches at each respective school of Association meal reimbursement policy.

b. Come to meetings prepared to pay the meal bill of those representatives from your school who are present and not covered under these guidelines.

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