Eastern Schools for the Deaf Athletic Association

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Division II and III Girls Cheerleading Chairperson

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1. Represent all coaches in the division.

2. Contact (by mail) coaches yearly with current rules and regulations for tournament competition, tournament site and dates, and a list of the participating schools and coaches.

3. Contact the Athletic Director of the host school with information on locating qualified judges, a copy of the competition rules for judges, and a copy of the "All Star Ballot and Sportsmanship Ballot" for the cheerleading coaches' packet.

4. At the tournament: conduct all coaches' meetings; meet with coaches prior to competition; run competition at tournament, including set-up and introduction of rules, judges and team rotation; tally scoresheets and All Star ballots with judges; update rules and regulations every two years if necessary.

5. Provide the ESDAA Vice President with needed information for the ESDAA Tournament log book.

6. Report results of the tournament to the ESDAA website.