Eastern Schools for the Deaf Athletic Association

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Division I Cheerleading Chairperson

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1. Preside over coaches' meetings at tournaments.

2. Update rules and guidelines.

3.      Present tournament results and proposed changes or additions suggested by the coaches at the spring Athletic Directors' meeting.

4. Represent the interests of the coaches at the spring meeting.

5. Provide assistance to the host school and tournament director as to the needs of the cheer competition.

6. Distribute, collect and tabulate the Team Information Sheets, All-Star Ballots and Spirit Award Ballots at the tournament.

7. Meet with tournament Judges to explain, discuss and answer questions concerning the competition

8. Preside over the competition

9. Tabulate scores with the Judges and/or Tournament Director

10. Distribute original score sheets and provide final tabulation sheets of all scores to to the coaches

11. Make rulings based on the regulations and guidelines

12. Provide any assistance necessary to the coaches

13. Contact coaches with a summary of the spring Athletic Directors' meeting.

14. Provide the Vice President with needed information for the ESDAA Tournament log book.       

15. Report results of the tournament to the ESDAA website.