Eastern Schools for the Deaf Athletic Association

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Division II and III Boys’ Basketball Chairperson

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1. Be present and conduct all coaches' meetings along with the Coach or Athletic Director of the host school. If unable to be present, the Chairperson will appoint anoth­er Coach or Athletic Director to assume the Chair's responsibilities.

2. Resolve any disputes by referring to the rules and regulations of the ESDAA. If no rule covers the dispute, a consensus (by vote) may be needed at that time to resolve the dispute. If, however, an emergency is not the case, this dispute may need to be brought before the Athletic Directors in proposal form.

3. Lead and conduct the discussion regarding Team 21, Foul Shooting, All-Star selec­tions, seeding, etc.

4. Discuss future tournaments and, particularly any special circumstances that the host schools may encounter.

5. Provide input and act as a resource to the host school for that particular upcoming tournament.

6. If any seeding changes from the prior Coaches' meeting are necessary the Chairperson must have full knowledge of the change and have full input into any deci­sions that are rendered.

7. Report to the Athletic Directors at the spring meeting by presenting the feelings of the coaches with regards to new rules, revised rules, etc.

8. Provides the Vice President with needed information for the ESDAA Tournament log book.

9. Report results of the tournament to the ESDAA website.