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Coaching Responsibilities at ESDAA Tournaments

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Coaches are responsible for their team members regarding all facets of discipline and for the team's relationship with opponents and officials. The coaching staff is responsi­ble at all times for their team members at ESDAA Tournaments.


Discipline - Every facet of discipline is the coaches' responsibility. Coaches become a model for all that their program represents - observation of their school's codes, train­ing rules, rules of the game, ideals of good sportsmanship and behavior of their team throughout the tourney. Desire to do well, to win well, to lose well, should all be emphasized.

To the players on the team - The main reason for having athletic teams is to help pro­vide opportunities for young men and women to develop their respective capabilities to the fullest extent. Development of positive attitudes is an important means to accom­plish this goal. We must promote and teach only clean, aggressive, and fair play, while stressing good sportsmanship at all times. The coach must be the leader and set the example.

The behavior of coaches must, at all times, be marked by dignity and self-control. They should not, at any time, use provocative language or engage in any unsports­manlike actions or tactics. Coaches will immediately discipline any player who intimi­dates an official or displays unsportsmanlike behavior.

To opponents - Coaches should teach their players to respect their opponents. Deliberate attempts to humiliate an opponent should not be tolerated by tourney offi­cials, e.g., running up the score.



To officials - Coaches should respect the decisions of officials and be courteous to them, and teach their players likewise. Coaches must control their emotions by elimi­nating any show of outraged discontent over an official's call. Coaches should not use profanity or obscene language, and should discourage players from using such lan­guage at all times.

Supervision of team members - Team members must be supervised at all times either by the head coach or the assistant or an official school chaperone. The head coach or assistant should check the team members at curfew every night. The head coach has the ultimate responsibility and should be readily available for contact. Assistant coaches should know where the head coach is at all times.




Athletic Directors should go over the above responsibilities with their coaches before the team leaves for a tournament

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