Eastern Schools for the Deaf Athletic Association

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New Member Orientation

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Handbook Cross References: Policies 310 and 315


Members of the ESDAA Administrative Council will conduct an in-depth orientation pro­gram for newly elected or newly admitted Directors of Athletics during their first atten­dance at a regularly scheduled meeting.


The orientation program will consist of the following:

1. Introduction to Administrative Council members.

2. Copies of the minutes for the last four meetings.

3. Copy of the ESDAA Constitution and Policy/Procedure Manual with current Contact Sheet.

4. Review of the ESDAA President's responsibilities.

5. A review session with an assigned Executive Committee member. 6. Assignment of a mentor by the President.





Responsibilities: 1. Vice President

a. Officially recognizes and welcomes new members at their first meeting.

b. Assigns Administrative Council members as needed to fulfill objectives out­lined in the orientation procedures.

2. Treasurer

a. Welcomes new members to their first meeting. b. Provides an explanation of financial accounting.

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