Eastern Schools for the Deaf Athletic Association

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Handbook Cross References: ESDAA Constitution - Article I, Section II

Role and Function:

The Treasurer shall have the responsibility and duty to maintain records of all Association monetary transactions.


The Treasurer is accountable to the Director of Athletics at Association schools.


1. Manage financial resources of the Association and appraise the Executive Committee at each meeting of the financial stewardship and status of member schools.

2. Deposit all monies received into bank accounts approved by the Executive Committee.

3. Keep a complete and accurate record of all receipts and disbursements using cash basis accounting methods.

4. Maintain bank checking and saving account.

5. Reconcile bank statements with the checkbook.

6. Obtain approval of the President before paying any obligations incurred outside those of annual tournament commitments.


7. Send a11 member schools, by August 1 st, an invoice listing all fees due the Association for that school year.                                                                                           

8. Send each tournament hosting school the appropriate amount of money due that school for hosting a particular tournament.

9. Be responsible for any other Association related monetary affairs not specified in the above.

Selection Process:

Elected every two years at the spring Athletic Directors' meeting.

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Sept., 1991                                                    Nov., 15, 1991           G. Baker