Eastern Schools for the Deaf Athletic Association

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Recording Secretary

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Handbook Cross References: ESDAA Constitution - Article 11, Section II Policies 301, 313, 314

Role and Function:

The Recording Secretary shall have the oversight of the records, providing a historical and current testimony of the work performed by the Association members.


The Secretary is accountable to the Director of Athletics at Association schools.


1. Attend and maintain accurate minutes of each Athletic Directors' meeting. The deliberations of such meetings will be recorded and a rough draft prepared for review and approval by the President, then distributed to both the Superintendent and Director of Athletics at each member school within twenty-one days of the meeting.

2. Develop and maintain a notebook of minutes of each meeting of the Association.

3. Sign all official documents when needed.

4. Prepare correspondence as directed by the Executive Committee.

5. Assist in the logging, retrieval, and utilization of specific records.

6.Distribute and review copies of approved job descriptions and committee goal state­ments with individuals holding Association offices and support positions.


7. Develop and maintain the Association officers/committee structure roster ' (Organizational Chart - 301) and notify member schools of changes as they occur. Update and send out with meeting minutes.

8. Update Future Tournament Sites (313) and send out with meeting minutes.

9. Update Athletic Directors' Contact Sheet (314) and send out with meeting minutes.

Selection Process:

Elected every two years at the spring Athletic Directors' meeting.

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Oct. 15, 1987                                                   March, 1991              G. Baker