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Application for Membership in ESDAA

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If a school is not in the hosting rotation and wishes to participate in the ESDAA Track and Field Tournament, the options listed below are available.


1. The host school will bill the non-hosting school proportionately.

2. The non-hosting school will pay their own way - stay in hotels/motels, eat out in restaurants, etc. No expenses would be incurred by the host school.

3. It could be the decision or choice of the hosting school to accommodate all or none of the non-hosting schools at no cost to them whatsoever.


Non-hosting schools: schools not in the hosting rotation that may want to participate - Austine, Delaware, Governor Baxter, Mill Neck Manor, The Learning Center, West Virginia. - *3/17/05 – Add PSD and SSSD



If none of the above procedures can be worked out, the non-hosting school will not participate.


The host Director of Athletics will supply information on nearby restaurants and accom­modations.

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