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Hosting an ESDAA Meeting

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Except for those times when the Association has used alternate sites, the ESDAA busi­ness meetings have always been held at Fanwood. Should it occur that Fanwood is unable to continue to host the meetings, the procedures below would be enacted.


1. The President of the ESDAA would have the right to host the meeting if he/she so desired.

2. Schools that have traveled the farthest to White Plains would get the first chance to host. The order would be:

a. West Virginia                              j.      Austine

b. Saint Mary's                                k.    Pennsylvania

c. Western Pennsylvania                1-    Delaware

d. Rochester                                    m. Scranton

e. Maine                                           n. Katzenbach

f. Maryland                                       o. American

g. Rome                                           p- Mill Neck

h. Rhode Island                               q. 47

i.   The Learning Center                 r.     Lexington

3. !f, for any reason, a school would like to host but they are not in line to do so, they may request it. A vote will be taken and, if a majority approves, then the requesting school can host the meeting.

4. If a school does not want to host, we would move to the next school on the list.

5. The hosting school would NOT be required to provide sleeping quarters if they do not have the facilities. Members would have to rent hotel rooms.


1. Alternate sites: appropriate conventions and conferences that can provide profes­sional development as well as a meeting site. These sites must be approved by the majority.

2. Designated host: when meeting at an alternate site, the President may assign a member school to serve as host and secure interpreters.



The Host is required to:

1. Provide a meeting space with enough room for approximately 20 people from 3 pm to 8 pm.

2. Provide the meeting members with snacks. ESDAA will reimburse the host.

3. Arrange for dinner at a local restaurant.

4. Arrange for interpreters, in coordination with the President.

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