Eastern Schools for the Deaf Athletic Association

#1 of 2                     Date: March 2001                                            Section: 300

Reference:                                                        Subject: 310a & 310b

Deadline for exiting a tournament with a refund

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Policy 310a: ESDAA member schools may ENTER tournaments for which they are Eligible provided they declare their intention to participate by the following Date

Volleyball              Oct 1

Basketball             Oct 1

Cheerleading         Oct 1

Track                    Oct 1

Exceptions: The host school may consider late requests and will base their decision on how the entry will affect the tournament as well as housing etc.

Policy 310b: ESDAA member schools may withdraw from a tournament with a full fee ,,refund provided they notify the ESDAA Treasurer and host school Athletic Director by the following date

Volleyball            Oct 1

Basketball        Dec 1

Cheerleading    Dec 1

Track                  April l