Eastern Schools for the Deaf Athletic Association

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Application for Membership in ESDAA

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Handbook Cross References:         ESDAA Constitution - Article I, Section I Policies 315 and 405


A school for the deaf may apply for membership in the Association at any time. Approval for participation in tournaments shall be effective at the time of the ESDAA Director of Athletics' meeting preceding the tournament of choice.


1. Submit a written statement to the President of the ESDAA indicating your desire to become a member.

2. Attend an ESDAA meeting to explain your school's purpose in joining the Association and to answer questions from the Administrative Council.

3. The Association will provide a packet of information explaining Association policies and member responsibilities.

4. As stated in the Constitution, no other school shall be admitted except by unani­mous vote of all active members.





1. Hosting of tournaments should be done as soon as possible and/or within five (5) years of admission.

2. The Association will assign the new member school to a division based on the needs of that school and the Association.                                                                                     °

3. The new member school is encouraged to participate in as many ESDAA tourna­ments as possible.

4. Upon acceptance, the President will welcome the new member to the Association and notify the Superintendent of its membership responsibilities.

5. The President will assign a veteran Administrative Council member as a mentor to the new member.

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