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ASL Interpreters at Meetings

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Policy: Certified American Sign Language interpreters will be available at all ESDAA Athletic Directors' Meetings


1. The President of the Association (ESDAA) will be responsible for making arrange­ments for each meeting or for assuring arrangements are made by the host school or a designated host.

2. The interpreter coordinator at the host school can be used to schedule certified interpreters.

3. The ESDAA will be responsible for paying interpreter fees either directly or by reim­bursing the host.

4. There will be two (2) certified interpreters at each ESDAA Athletic Directors' Meeting unless there is a deaf President presiding, then there will be three (3).

5. The ESDAA President must inform the host in advance if a meeting is expected to be more than four hours in order to have enough time to secure additional interpreters.

6. At the end of the scheduled meeting, a date for the following meeting will be select­ed so the host has ample time to schedule interpreters.


1. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), an interpreter must be quali­fied, meaning the person is able to "interpret effectively, accurately, and impartially; both receptively and expressively using any necessary specialized vocabulary." (35.104)

2. Certified Interpreter: interpreters are currently certified through the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf and the National Association of the Deaf.


If a certified interpreter cannot be procured for the meeting, the coordinator for interpreting services from the host school will be responsible to find an acceptable alterna­tive solution.


Both RID and NAD certified interpreters adhere to a Code of Ethics regarding, among other items;                           professionalism, rendering the message faithfully, and confidentiality.

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