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The ESDAA will support a website throughout the school year. Funds for such a site will be voted on and provided on a yearly basis.


1. Each school is responsible for sending and maintaining accurate information regarding sports at their school to the webmaster. This should include, but is not limit­ed to:

a. Scores of games (regular season)

b. Results of ESDAA Tournaments; scores, awards, all-stars
c. Academic achievements

d. Special programs and/or projects


1. The ESDAA website is the official ESDAA publication whose goals include:

a. Serving as a public relations tool for the ESDAA

b. Promoting a positive image of the ESDAA

c. Keeping us up to date on happenings related to ESDAA and our students

d. Creating a centralized chronicle of ESDAA Tournament data from 1990 on (results, all-stars, etc.)

e. Motivating students (and staff) by recognizing achievements of all kinds



1. The Webmaster, as the Editor, is the ESDAA representative responsible for monitor­ing website data, updating pages, etc.

2. Director of Athletics should confer with coaches at their school to obtain and send items of interest to the website.

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