Eastern Schools for the Deaf Athletic Association

#1 of 2                     Date: November, 1993                                    Section: 300

Reference:                                                        Subject: 307a

Student Eligibility

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Policy: Whenever Divisions need to be realigned, this form will be used to determine the accu­rate student population of member schools.


1. Both the number of gender-specific eligible students in a given divisional population classification and the number of ESDAA member schools assigned to a given Association division will be determined every two years beginning at the spring ESDAA Director of Athletics' meeting, 1994.

2. Student names/tournament rosters would be indicated for basketball review purpos­es.

3. Mainstreamed students participating on tournament teams who do not appear on this form must receive prior approval in conjunction with ESDAA Policy #307.




Date Originated           Date of Revision          Effective Date              Approval Nov., 1993        Nov., 1994                              Nov., 1995