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Request for a Change of Division by Member Schools

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Due to the fact that the number of eligible participants in sports' programs at ESDAA member schools has fluctuated significantly, the Association recognizes the need to periodically review and realign divisional tournament assignments. All such initiatives will be proposed, evaluated, and completed with the intent to enhance team competi­tiveness and divisional parity. Should a member school desire to change divisions, the procedure outlined below should be followed.


1. A written request should be provided at an ESDAA Director of Athletics' meeting at least six months in advance of the desired change.

2. The requesting school should be prepared to substantiate their request with sup­porting documentation such as:

a. Enrollment figures submitted on the Student Eligibility Sheet - 307a.

b. Basketball records against other schools for the deaf for the past three years to support claims that their program has changed significantly and will probably be restricted if the school stays in its current division.

3. An approval vote, in keeping with Article IV Section I b) of the Constitution, shall be a two-thirds majority of the active members present.

4. If approved, the President will assign and announce an "effective date" for the divi­sional placement change to all member schools.

5. A commitment will be made to remain in the divisional realignment for at least three years.                                                                                




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