Eastern Schools for the Deaf Athletic Association

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Attendance by Director of Athletics at Meetings

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Handbook Cross References: ESDAA Constitution - Article II, Section II


Member schools should have a representative present at each meeting. If the Director of Athletics cannot attend, then a substitute should be sent in his/her place.


1. Each member school should be represented at each meeting. An ESDAA officer will prepare and distribute a meeting agenda at least two weeks in advance to provide adequate trip planning time.

2. If a school is not represented, the President of the ESDAA will contact the school Director of Athletics and/or Superintendent to remind them of their obligation to attend or provide other representation.

3. If two consecutive meetings are missed, a $50.00 fine will be levied against the school, payable prior to the next meeting.

4. If three consecutive meetings are missed, the school shall be suspended from the ESDAA for a period of one school year following a review by the Executive Council. If the third missed meeting occurs in the Fall, the school would be suspended for the remainder of that current school year. If the third meeting occurred in the Spring, sus­pension would be for the following school year.

5. At the end of the suspended year, the school must request, in writing to the President of the ESDAA, reinstatement stating a firm commitment to attend all meet­ings in the future. Upon receipt of the letter, the school would be accepted back into the Association.


6. Based on a review and recommendation by the Executive Council, missing four consecutive meetings could result in expulsion from the ESDAA



Schools unable to have a representative present due to sickness and/or emergency needs should contact an Association officer prior to the scheduled meeting.


1. ESDAA President

a. In concert with the Secretary, review the attendance records of member schools at Director of Athletics meetings.

b. Draft and mail a letter to delinquent school representatives within two weeks of any given ESDAA Director of Athletics meeting - copy to both the Superintendent and Director of Athletics of that school.

2. Director of Athletics

a. Confer regularly with the chief school officer regarding meeting agendas and issues of concern within the Association.

b. Plan in advance and secure approval from the chief school officer for school representation at ESDAA Director of Athletics meetings.

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