Purpose and Goal Statement 2002-2004

A. Purpose: To strengthen the organizational structure of the Association


1. Distribute a complete copy of the Constitution and Policy/Procedure Manual to each member. Maintain extra copies.

2. Continue to review Policies and Procedures so as to promote uniformity of regulations for same sport tournaments in the various divisions.

3. Continue to update the "Guidelines for ESDAA Tournaments and Historical Records." ADs and Chairpersons must assist the VP in collect­ing and maintaining current information.

4. Develop a standard form for reporting tournament results.

5. Develop a policy covering, and differentiating between, Invitational Tournaments and ESDAA Sanctioned Tournaments.

6. Develop a policy establishing guidelines for the ESDAA recognizing individuals who have contributed to athletics at member schools.

7. Develop a policy which establishes guidelines for providing professional development for ESDAA members (ADs & Coaches).

8. Create a spreadsheet to keep attendance records for meetings.

B. Purpose: Enhance exchange of sports information among member schools


1.      Assign time at each meeting for discussion of divisional issues in separate groups.

2. Choose a topic for each meeting - e.g.; academic eligibility, budgeting, transportation - so that each AD can share their school's position with the group.

3. Develop alternate plans for financing future tournaments.

C. Purpose: Address recruitment and membership of schools with sports programs for the deaf throughout the Association's geographic area.


1. Complete Subject 315 - Letter to new member - (New VP's duty)

2. Develop a public relations packet of information and distribute to new member schools.

3. Include in Subject 310 a reasonable response time to inquiries regarding membership in the Association.