Mission Statement

The mission of the Eastern Schools for the Deaf Athletic Association (ESDAA) is to provide all member schools and respective athletes with challenging tournament and championship meet-competition. These com­petitions will center on good sportsmanship, ethical behavior, and integrity as advocated by the National Federation of State High Schools Athletics Association.            .

As advocates for the deaf, the ESDAA will provide:

Member Schools;

·        leadership, stability, structure, and uniform standards for boys and girls participating in games and tournaments.

·        opportunities to participate in tournaments with guidelines for safe, equitable, and fair competition that includes all eligible students to the maximum extent possible.

·        communication and administrative support by keeping appropriate administrators informed and involved.

Student Athletes;

·        opportunities to assume leadership roles, gain recognition and identity, set goals and problem solve, make decisions, experience self-governance, participate in appropriate avenues of expression, and enhance abilities to function successfully in society.

·        opportunities to enhance peer relationships, develop new lasting friendships, and learn how other deaf students live in different parts of the country.

·        significant lifetime learning experiences that are not duplicat­ed in other areas of the educational program:

Association tournaments serve as an integral part of member schools' secondary education program. Tournaments will operate in har­mony with the entire curriculum, providing motivational opportunities and unique learning experiences. Additionally they will help student athletes recognize the choice of sound moral and social values.