updated March, 2002



This organization shall be known as the Eastern Schools for the Deaf Athletic Association.


Its purpose shall be to secure uniformity of rules and regulations to govern all forms of athletic competition between members of the association.


Article I



Section 1: Members


a) Membership shall be limited to Schools for the Deaf located north of latitude 36 degrees and east of longitude 80 degrees, 30 minutes (west of Greenwich).


b) The eleven charter members of this association are: American, New York (Fanwood), Kendall, Lexington, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, St. Joseph's, Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf.


1) Additional membership as of September 1981 was as follows: Model Secondary (Washington, D.C.), St. Mary's (Buffalo), West Virginia, Pennsylvania State School for the Deaf (Scranton), Gov. Baxter (Maine), New York State School for the Deaf (Rome), Mill Neck Manor (L. I.), Austine (Vt.), and the Rochester School for the Deaf.


2) In the early 1980's Kendall, St. Joseph's, Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania withdrew for various reasons.


3) The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf (Mt. Airy) was granted a leave of absence (dropped high school program) in 1984 and became an active member again in March, 2002.


4) The Boston School for the Deaf was admitted in March, 1985, and withdrew in November, 1994.


5) Model Secondary School withdrew in June, 1987.


7) Delaware School for the Deaf was admitted in November, 1994. Western Pennsylvania was readmitted at the same time.


8) 47: The English and ASL School, was admitted in March, 1999 and withdrew from the Association in March of 2004.


c) No other school shall be admitted except by unanimous vote of all active members


d) An active member is one which meets its obligation to the association.


e) If schools fail to participate in Tournaments, the matter will be taken up by the Executive Committee and, if disciplinary action is deemed necessary, it will be brought up to the membership for a final decision.




Section II: Dues


a) At the start of each school year, each member will pay a fee for dues. This fee should be paid by October 1s' and sent to the ESDAA Treasurer. The Treasurer will submit a bill to each school in August for dues and tournament fees according to the following schedule:


Dues                                                     $200.00

Volleyball                                            $200.00

Boys Track (Hosting school)           $150.00

(Non-hosting school)                        $250.00

Girls Track (Hosting school)            $150.00

(Non-hosting school)                        $250.00

Cheerleading                                       $200.00

Basketball (Boys)                               $300.00

Basketball (Girls)                                $300.00


**Tournament fee schedule updated March 17, 2005


Article II

Officers and Meetings


Section 1: Election of Officers


a) The election of officers shall be held bi-annually as the final part of the Spring business meeting.


b) The President and Vice President shall serve a 2 year term with the Vice President assuming the office of President upon the end of the President's two year term. A new Vice President shall be elected every 2 years.


c) A nominating committee of two, appointed by the President, shall name not more than two candidates for the office of Vice President.


d) Officers of the ESDAA are not required to be Athletic Directors.


Section II: Officers and Their Duties


a) The Officers of the Association shall be President, Vice President, and a Secretary-Treasurer. The Executive Committee will be comprised of the President, Vice President and past President.


1) The Executive Committee shall transact any business that may arise between regular business meetings.


b) The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and of the Executive Committee, appoint all committees, sign all orders on the Treasury, and perform such other duties as are prescribed by the Constitution and Policies. He shall be ex-officio a member of all committees and shall have all such powers, inherent or otherwise, that are usually provided for by parliamen­tary rule.


c) The Vice President shall preside at all meetings of the Association in the absence of the President and perform such duties as are customary for such an officer.


d) The Secretary-Treasurer shall take all minutes of the Association and shall receive all dues and funds. He/she shall make a financial report at each busi­ness meeting. He/she should, along with the President, remind the members of any school that is not meeting its obligations.



Section III: Meetings


a) Athletic Directors' meetings will take place in the Fall and in the Spring.


b) Interpreters will be provided at the meetings and paid for by the ESDAA.


c) Each school shall be entitled to one vote which shall represent the wishes of the Athletic Director and the Executive of that active member school.


d) If the Athletic Director cannot attend the meeting, he may send a representative from the faculty of his School or he shall arrange to have another member act for him by proxy.


e) Minutes of all meetings must be approved by the President before being dis­tributed to the Athletic Director and Superintendent of each member school. The minutes should be distributed within 21 days of the completed meeting date. The minutes shall be signed by the President and/or the Secretary.


Article III

Order of Business


Section 1


a) At each meeting, the following shall be the order of business:


1) Roll Call
2) Reading of the Minutes
3) Treasurer's Report

4) Report of Committees

5) Unfinished Business

6) New Business

7) Election of Officers (Spring)

8) Adjournment


Article IV



Section I


a) The Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of all active members at any regular business meeting of the Athletic Directors.


1) The request for an amendment shall be sent by the President 30 days prior to the meeting. The President will notify the membership.


b) Policies and Procedures and Tournament Guidelines may be amended at any meeting, without prior notice, by a two-thirds majority vote of those active members present.


1) Revisions that impact only one Division may be passed by a simple majority of the active members present from that Division.







Article V

Player Eligibility


Section I


To represent a school in any intra-member contest, a student must meet the following requirements:


a) Athletes shall not compete if they reach their 19th birthday before July 1 of the current school year.


1) There is no age limit for Division II Cheerleaders


2) For Division I Cheerleaders there shall be no maximum age but a minimum age of 13 by September 1st is required for competition.


b) The participant must be a bonafide student at that particular member school.


c) There shall be no limit to the number of tournaments in which an Athlete can participate.


Article VI

General Rules Applying to All Tournaments


Section I


a) Tournament shall be held at the convenience of the host school.


b) The host shall announce the dates of the tournament.


c) The host school must make provisions for medical care either by having a nurse, doctor or certified athletic trainer present or on call at all times or by pro­viding information regarding nearby emergency room care.


1) Onsite care during warm-ups and competition is strongly recommended.


Section II: Participant limits


a) Basketball         10 players, 2 coaches, 1 mgr., 1 driver


b) Cheerleading    Div. I: 10 cheerleaders, 1 drummer, 1 mascot, 2 spotters, 1 coach, 1 driver

Div. II: 10 cheerleaders, 1 coach, 1 chaperone, 1 driver


c) Soccer regional rules: 20 players, 2 coaches, 1 mgr., 1 driver


d) Track 15 players, 2 coaches, 1 mgr., 1 driver


e) Volleyball          10 players, 2 coaches, 1 mgr., 1 driver


Section III: Seeding


a) Procedures to be found in Sports' Guidelines for each Division


Section IV: Forms


a) Standard ESDAA Medical Form


Section V: Rules


a) National Federation Rules will prevail, except those which will be determined by the Host school's state regulations, or, ESDAA past practice or printed regulations.


Section VI: Emergencies


a) Anything not covered by these rules shall be arranged by the host or referred to a special meeting of the coaches at the discretion of those in charge of the tournament. The President must be notified.


Article VII

Rules Applying to Other Tournaments


Section 1


a) any new activity conducted by the Association will follow the Constitution.


1) additional rules will be established by the Association for these activities.