1. Speed Control -

Cones will be set up to control the ball through. If a cone is missed, you must go back and dribble through that cone. Each player will be timed. Time is stopped when ball and body is over the finish line. 10 players, one time through. Fastest time wins. Individual and team award winners.

2. Ball juggling _

To include the use of feet, legs, and head. 10 people, 3 attempts. The most consecutive juggles on any one attempt wins the individual award. Each players' best score will be added for a team total. The highest total will be the winning team and individual.

3. Shots on goal -

Three balls will be positioned on the 18yd. line. Each player will have 15 seconds to shoot the 3 balls. A ball kicked into the large section counts 1 point. A ball kicked into the small area counts 3 points. 10 players will participate. Team award for highest totals.

3pts --  1 pt.  --  3pts

4. Team Corner Kicks -

Six (6) players are selected from each team. 5 players are placed in the goal area with one player taking the corner kick. The ball is kicked in the air and must be played into the goal without touching the ground. The ball may be volleyed 2, 3, 4 times, no limit. The ball is dead if it hits the ground. 8 attempts. Team award for highest total.