Entry Fee:    $250 payable to the ESDAA Treasurer

Awards: 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place

4th Place Consolation Champ

Travelling Trophy for 1st Place Team 21 - Team Trophy Io Team Foul Shooting - Team Trophy "Kist Award" Sportsmanship Award "In Memory Of Jim McCarthy" "Jim McCarthy" Travelling Trophy

Anne Leo Award - ( an individual award )

" for courage, determination, and enthusiasm"

A11 Stars - First Team - Trophy and Certificate - Second Team - Certificate

- Honorable Mention - Certificate Broken Clipboard Award (Coaches Travelling Award)

Type of Tournament: Rotating

Player Limitations:           10 players 2 coaches 1 manager

1 bus driver

Division II Alignment: Rhode Island N.Y.S.S.D. Austine

St. Mary's

The Learning Center West Virginia Scranton

Delaware Governor Baxter

Seeding:       Four teams will be seeded when possible.

.          -       If less than seven teams participate then at least two teams will be seeded.

Seeds shall be 1-4 in the top bracket while 2-3 will be in the bottom bracket.

Seeding for the next tournament should be completed at the tournament being played.

If there is a question between two teams for the fourth seed, then the two teams shall open against each other.

If a team gains or loses an impact player before December 15 which affects the equity of the seeding, the chairperson and host school should be notified as soon as possible. The chairperson is responsible for collecting the opinions of the coaches and making a decision (majority rules) in

regards to change of seeding.

Executive Power:

Officials are allowed to work only one game per day unless emergency conditions exist.

If a team arrives late due to circumstances beyond their control, the Tournament Director is empowered to reschedule their game.

The Host School is allowed to select times of games. Fan appeal may be the determining factor.

Method of selecting All Stars is to be determined by the coaches.

Foul Shooting, Team 21, and Lay Up Rules are attached.

Host Schools State regulations will prevail for the tournament with the exception of age.

Host School will notify other schools of its rules before the season begins