Eastern Schools for the Deaf Athletic Association Division II Girls Basketball Chairperson Responsiblities

The chairperson shall facilitate all coaches meetings at the tournament and as otherwise needed.

He/She will:

Conduct the seeding

Review the rules and/or changes with the coaches (especially new coaches)

Mediate disputes among coaches regarding the rules and regulations

Lead discussion regarding the selection of all stars and special awards

Represent the coaches at the Spring Athletic Director's Meeting

-bring any recommendations for rule changes to the meeting and present them

-notify coaches of any decisions affecting the Division II Girls

Notify the Coaches of any changes which might affect the seeding of the tournament

Notify the coaches of any special host school rules that will exist at the tourney

Work with the host school Athletic Director/Tournament Director

-help the host school run the Team 21 and Foul Shooting competitions

Will keep track of tournament rules, results and records.