Girl's Division 1 Basketball Tournament Host School / New Coach Information Packet


First, second, third and consolation (optional) team awards

First place individual awards (10 players, 2 coaches and 1 manager - total of 13)

Team Free Throw Champion Team Lay Up Champion Knockout Champion

Hot Shot Champion

Vicki White Sportsmanship Team Award All Tournament Team Awards - 14

Types of awards are left up to host school (trophies, plaques, medals, etc. )

Meeting: (run by chairperson)

Coaches meeting will be held the second night of the tournament. Materials needed at meeting - either a chalkboard or big paper To be discussed:

Next year seeding

Nominations for All Tournament Team

Any changes to be brought to Athletic Director's meeting by chairperson

Host School Obligations /Equipment:

Hot Shot "spots" for gym floor, something that will not slip Measuring device to measure for Hot Shot "spots"

Gym tape to secure "spots"

Site for coaches meeting and coaches den

Official scorekeeper, statistician, certified officials (federation rules)

Vicki White Sportsmanship Award

The ESDAA is proud to name the Girls Division I Basketball Sportsmanship Award for - Ms. Vicki White. Ms. White was hired as a PE teacher and coach at the Maryland school for the Deaf in 1974. She was instrumental in establishing the first ESDAA girl's basketball tournament in 1977. Vick also established the girl's track, indoor track and cross-country programs at Maryland. Due to her drive and determination, several athletes moved on to the world level competition. Vicki White is an outstanding individual with a wealth of talent and a gentle heart that has touched many students. Vicki returned to her native Southwest in 1981.


All team names are put in a "hat". Team names are drawn out - that is the order the teams will compete for all competitions. Both baskets will be used. The knockout and hot shot individual final competitions will also follow the same order as established by the "hat". They will repeat the order for the second player in both competitions. (Example: MKSD, NY, MD, TLC, Lex, ASD, WP, PSD, MKSD, NY, MD, TLC, Lex, ASD, WP, PSD)

All coaches are expected to help out with judging each of the competition.

The players on each team are expected to be dressed the same (uniforms, shooting shirts and shorts, etc).

All players must participate in both team competitions. If the girls are playing in games they must compete in team competitions. Injury is the only waiver. This is to stop coaches from only putting in their best free throw and lay up players.

Free Throw Competition

All players at tournament must participate. You cannot pick your best players. Each girl has one warm up shot. Each girl then shoots 2 free throws each until a total to 50 free throws is reached. No time limit.

Free Throw tabulation paper is attached.

Knockout Competition

Players from your team will line up on the free throw line. The first and second player in line will have a ball. The first players shoots from the free throw line and then follows up the miss with another try. When the ball goes in - she throws it to the next girl in line - and get at the back of the line. If the girl behind you scores before you - you are eliminated. Play continues until two girls are left from your team. Those two girls will be entered in the final competition.

The final competition is held the same way, order of girls see above. All girls line up at one basket. Play continues until one girl is left.

Lap Up Competition (revised 3/17/OS)

All players from each team will participate. Teams will line up behind the 3-point line. The team decides if they want to start on the right or left side. A coach will rebound each lay up and pass back to player. Each team has a minute (1) warm up from the first side only. Each basket counts as one (1) point. The player must receive the ball with both feet on the ground, not stepping over or on the 3-point line for the point to count. If the player is on the line or over the line the basket does not count. If both feet are not on the ground behind the 3-point line with the ball in her possession the lay-up will not count. We are not very strict with walking or which hand the player uses to shoot the lay-up.

If there is a tie each team has an additional minute to compete on each side, no warm ups. The team with the most points wins.

If time is a problem - the coaches may meet and decide to cut the time from each side down to fit the time restraints. Each team will then follow the new time decided on by the coaches.