Rules governing the E.S.D.A.A. Cheerleading Tournament Awards

The Host School is responsible to provide awards for the following:

A. lst place, 2nd place 3rd place
B. The Jim Cooney Sportsmanship Trophy (traveling)
C. All-Stars (8) - (four trophies and eight certificates)

These awards are to be presented at the completion of the final tournament game at the awards ceremony.

Rules Governing the Jim Cooney Sportsmanship Award

l. This award shall be given to one squad.

2. Each cheerleading squad will vote on the sportsmanship award based on the following:

a. Courtesy to opponents
b. Support of own team
c Pep and Spirit

(A squad may not vote for themselves)

3. Ballots are to be completed and returned to judges prior to the start of the final competition.

4. Tournament judges will be asked to total the ballots. In case of a tie the Honor will be shared by both schools.

S. This award is to be presented to the winning squad at the awards ceremony

Rules Governing All-Star Awards

1. This award will be given to eight (8) cheerleaders.

2. The coaches will vote for the All-Stars. Coaches cannot vote for their own cheerleaders.

3. Coaches must observe each cheerleading squad for a minimum of 2 separate games - or at least a portion of 2 separate games.

4. The four highest scoring cheerleaders will receive an All-Star Trophy and Certificate. The other four cheerleaders will receive a certificate.

5. All ballots must be handed into the scorers bench no later than half time to the final game. They will be tallied by the Tournament Hosts.

6. These awards are to be presented at the awards ceremony. Rules and Regulations Governing the E.S.D.A.A. Cheerleading Tournament 4