Rules and Regulations Governing the E.S.D.A.A. Division II Cheerleading Tournament

Rules and regulations will be voted on every two years. The following rules and regulations are in effect for the 1993 and 1994 tournaments or until such time that a change is desirable. If a change is warranted, it can be accomplished through a coaches meeting by participating tournament coaches.

Housing and Food

All teams represented in the boys basketball tournament are to be invited. If possible, the Host school should house each team. If not, the Host school is responsible to let each school know two months prior and also is responsible to contact local motels for team rates. It is the responsibility of the Host school to feed all participating teams.

Entry Fee

All participating schools are to pay an entry fee to offset the Host School's expenses. (Please refer to current E.S.D.A.A. fee schedule.)


There will be three (3) judges provided by the Host School. No participating cheerleading coaches are to be used. All efforts should be made to get qualified and knowledgeable people. Also, an effort should be made to have qualified judges who are Deaf.

NOTE: If the host school has difficulty getting qualified judges, they may contact the local college cheerleading team.

Judges are required to judge all participating teams during one full tournament game as well as the Formal Competition. The In-Game judging preferably should take place on the day prior to the Formal Competition. If this is not possible, all judging can take place on the final tournament day. Judges should arrive one hour prior to In-Game judging to go over rules, to gain an understanding of the intricacies of competition between cheerleaders who are Deaf, and to meet the coaches of the participating schools.

Practice Time

Practice time will be scheduled on the day prior to the Formal Cheerleading Competition and the day of the Formal Competition, not to exceed 30 minutes. If the gym is not available, an alternative area is to be provided. However, at least one practice is to be scheduled on the court that will be used for the Formal Competition.

Optional Activity: Host school cheerleaders will teach a simple cheer to all cheerleading spuads to be performed as a group cheer during half-time of the championship basketball game. Time should be provided for all teams to get together to learn the cheer.

Rules Governing Overall Cheerleading Competition

There are two (2) categories in which cheerleading teams compete and are judged; during one tournament game (In-Game Judging) and a Formal Cheerleading Competition. (*Please refer to the sections below for the rules specific to these two categories.)

l.        Starting age for cheerleaders is left up to the discretion of the individual coach. No ending age limit for cheerleaders. No limit as to the number of years on team.

2.       Squad number at the tournament is limited to ten (10) plus coach and an additional chaperone. In the event of a housing problem, the home school would be responsible for housing and feeding participants.

3.       Co-ed cheerleading is allowed.

4. Absolutely no pyramids are to be more than two individuals high. No falling pyramids are permitted. Mats are optional and provided by the host school if needed. Spotters are encouraged.

5. Cheers used in the Formal Competition must be performed during actual games prior to the Formal Competition. (No holding of cheers.)

6.       In case of a tie for Ist, 2nd, or 3rd the judges will decide among themselves as to awarding placement.

7.   Scoring from the In-Game Judging and the Formal Competition will be tallied by the judges. Results will be announced at the Awards Ceremony after the Final Championship Basketball Game.

*In-Game Judging:

During In-Game Judging mascots, pom-pons optional dance routine may be used. A scale of 1 to 5 will be used for scoring; 5 points being the highest.

In-Game Cheering will be judged on: 1. Game Time Spirit

2. Floor Cheers

3. Side Line Cheers

4. Overall Impression


*Formal Cheerleading Competition judging;

1. The Formal Cheerleading Competition will be held the same night as and just prior to the final basketball game. Approximately one hour is scheduled for the Formal Cheerleading Competition.

2. Order of appearance for the Formal Competition will be drawn randomly prior to the competition by participating cheerleading coaches.

3. The same group of cheerleaders must participate in the Formal Competition as did during all games, unless injured.

4. No props, music, drums, or mascots in the Formal Competition. Nothing but the use of pom-pons will be permitted during the Formal Competition.

5. No cheer may last more than 1 & 1/2 minutes. The team in violation of this time will lose one (1) point off the combined score of both competition cheers.

6. Each school will perform one warm-up cheer which will not be judged. Following the warm-up round, each school will perform two (2) cheers that will be judged. For the 1st cheer round, each squad will enter the floor, perform their cheer, then exit the floor until all squads have taken their turn in the 1st round. Then the 2nd round will proceed in the same manner until all squads have completed their second cheer. Judges may ask a squad to repeat a cheer. Before cheerleading squads enter the floor they must wait for a signal from the judges.

7.   A scale of 1 to 5 will be used for scoring; 5 points being the highest. The two Cheers for the Formal Competition will be judged on the following:

1. Appearance 2. Formations 3. Difficulty 4. Spirit

5. Overall Impression