ESDAA Division I Cheerleading

Chairpersonís Responsibilities


  • Preside over Coaches meetings at Tournaments

  • Update rules and guidelines.

  • Present Tournament results and proposed changes or additions suggested by the Coaches at he spring Athletic Directorís meeting.
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  • represent the interests of the Coaches at the Spring meeting

  • provide assistance to the Host School and Tournament Director as to the needs of the Cheer Competition .
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  • distribute, collect and tabulate the Team Information Sheets--All-Star Ballots and Spirit Award Ballots at the Tournament

  • meet with Tournament Judges to explain, discuss and answer questions, concerning the Competition
  • preside over the Competition

  • tabulate scores with the Judges and/or Tournament Director - -

  • distribute original score sheets and provide final tabulation sheets of all scores to to all the coaches.

  • Provide any assistance necessary to the coaches.

  • Contact coaches with a summary of the spring ADís meeting.