Entry Fee $125.00 PAYABLE to Host School. This includes fee for Cheerleading Tournament

Awards 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Consolation

All Star Team Awards. 10 players

Traveling Trophy for Both Divisions.

Type of Tournament Rotating


Player Limitations


10 Players, 2 Coaches, 1 Mgr., 1 Bus Driver

Div I: St Mary's; ASD; NYSD; PSD; MSSD; MSD; Lex; MKSD

Div II: Rochester; Rome; Millneck; Baxter; RISD; Scranton; Austine; West Virginia


No further Discussion on Re-Alignment until 1984




Four teams shall be seeded when possible.

Seeds- shall be 1-4 in Top Brackets & 2-3 in Lower Brackets.

Executive Power

If team arrives late due to circumstances beyond their control the Tournament Director is empowered to reschedule their game.

The Host school is allowed to select times of games. Fan appeal being the determining factor.

Method of Selecting All Stars to be determined by Coaches.

Foul Shooting Contest to include all players.

Officials are allowed to work only 1 game per day unless emergency conditions prevail.